Hunger Hits in Lo Wu

The possibility is you will be shopping for up to 10 hours.  
So where to eat?

If you arrive before the shops open there are a number of options to do early Dim Sum at one of the restaurants located in the centre.  Otherwise there are lots of lunch options as well.

"There are a number of options depending on your budget and time constraints" 

Ground Floor

Fairwood Restaurant

Cheap, cheerful, clean and quick, this fast food chain located in Hong Kong as well as China provides low budget one dish meals on a tray.  Easy and tasty with that "special beige hospital tray" look, is a great go to option.

Expect hot stew type food with rice and a drink (soft drink, iced tea, or green tea). No need to speak Chinese.  Get to that counter, point to the meal you want on the wall, pay with cash, card or Octopus card.  Take a number and sit down.  A lovely friendly person will deliver your delightful brown tray to your diner seat. 

3rd Floor

BBC Restaurant
--> Turn right at the lift and head to the end of the building.  Serves western food.

4th Floor

Green Elephant Thai Restaurant

Lovely Thai food owned by a local Thai family

5th Floor

Laurel Restaurant

This Dim Sum restaurant is very popular and you may need to prebook a time.  Not that you're guaranteed a seat when you turn up anyway.  The turnover is pretty quick.  Just watch out as all your delicious items add up in cost very quickly.  

"Huge, a little bit fancy, Laurel restaurant is the most well known"

Acacia Restaurant

Another huge Dim Sum restaurant, not as well known but still great, cheaper and less crowded.  

This brings us to the end of my 5 part series of 'One Awesome Day' in Luohu.

I'm sure you had a ball, a lot of laughs and tears, a few frustrations, most likely paid more than you wanted for that special item and most importantly brought a whole lot of fabulous dodgy dare I say... crap!

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xx Kathie




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