Hidden Gem of Sham Shui Po

Sham Shui Po is a melting pot of everything Hong Kong.  From wholesale fashion to kids toys, electronics to fabric. 

Get you big girl shoes on and discover this shabby, eclectic, down to earth area of Hong Kong.

Get your Craft on!

Getting there:
MTR: Sham Shui Po Exit C2
Taxi: Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po

This is the place for everything crafty.  DIY heaven.  Fabrics, buttons, ribbons, leather, patches.  Something special for that home decor hack!  This is the place.

Wander along the streets basically doing the square starting at the corner of Kweilin Street and Yu Chau Street.  Walk left or right doing the block down Ki Lung Street, checking the cross roads walking as far down as Shek Kip Mei Street which has more retail shops rather than wholesale.  

If you still can't find that special piece of fabric, and it's not too hot, head on over to the soon to be demolished Yen Chow Hawkers markets.  Rows and rows of tiny stalls covered in tarps and plastic.  Patience is a virtue here, is all I'm saying.  

The Good Old Fuk Wa Street

Getting there:
MTR: Sham Shui Po Exit B2 D2
Taxi: Fuk Wa Street, Sham Shui Po

Love the Fuk Wa!  Here you will find all sorts of bits and bobs.  Kids clothes, old books, wares or all kinds.  Wander this street starting at Yen Chow Street intersection. While you're there check out the Golden Computer Centre for awesome electronic geeky stuff.

Mind Blowing Fuk Wing Street

Birthday party hack?  Toy overload?  Ready to decorate your house for the next big event.  Fuk Wing Street will have everything you need.  From cheap toys to themed decorations, this street is the place to go.  

One street over from Fuk Wa street is Fuk Wing Street.  Have a browse while you're in the area.

Ap Liu StreetGeekville 

Getting there:
MTR: Sham Shui Po Exit C2
Taxi: Ap Liu Street, Sham Shui Po
Apliu Street is geeks heaven.  Everything electronic new and old lines this street.  

Finish at the famous Golden Computer Arcade building back on Fuk Wa Street.  Crammed packed with small shops selling everything computer.  

Just be careful with your region and check things work prior to purchase. Wander through the flea market while you're there to check out the second hand good. 

Fashion Anyone?

Getting there:
MTR: Sham Shui Po Exit C1
Taxi: Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po

Tricky little area.  Professes as a fabulous place to buy clothing however I found the majority only cater for wholesale and shoo you away. Also, the quality and on trend fashion was hard to find.  I found the styles old fashioned and poor quality.  Mongkok was way better for womens fashion.  However, while you're in the area, it's a great little haunt.

Dragon Centre 

Getting there:
MTR: Sham Shui Po Exit C2
Taxi: Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po

The largest shopping mall in Sham Shui Po, may just be your saving grace after all these markets,  Lots of stalls and shops selling all sorts of commercialised stuff.  Take a break at this shopping mall.  The odds are you won't leave empty handed.



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