Lo Wu, here we come - PART 3 - Visas and Immigration

Part 3 - Entering China with a Border Visa

Once you arrive at Luohu follow the walkway to immigration. You are now EXITING Hong Kong.  You will need your passport and original arrival card from Hong Kong.  For Flight Number I usually write Hong Kong MTR.

Once you have passed the immigration gates walk along the walkway until you see a sign saying PORT VISA on the left (blue sign). 

Port Visa Office.

Take the stairs up to a small room with glass panels to your right.  On the left is a stand up desk where you fill in your Visa card.  

Walk into the glass room and as you walk in, on your right is a ticket machine.  Take a ticket and sit down.

Fill in your forms before entering

Sit and wait for your number.  Go up, hand over your documents, passport (old passport as well if you have a new one) and smile for the camera.  You will be given another ticket a. Go and sit down. Wait again for your number.  Go up,  pay 168 yuan using cash or card sit down again! Wait for your number again!!  Once called go up to the counter on the far right and they will hand you your passport back with your visa printed inside.

You may now go, go go!!

Walk back down the stairs and continue along the underground walkway to immigration.

You are now ENTERING China.  Hand over all your documents.  Take your bags through the x-ray machine, that no one is even looking at.  Don't take any Fruit in.  You will get in trouble.  Bin it!

Welcome to China!!

Follow the walkway until you exit the building. Here is where it gets a bit confusing.

Luohu is over to the RIGHT. Walk over to the right and enter the building.

You may be approached by young men wanting to be your guide for the day. They are pretty harmless but don't take their cards unless you want them for your guide. They only want to get commission on your purchases from the shop owners. Usually they will show you to the entrance and once there tell them you don't need their services unless you do want a guide.  You won't need to pay them any money. They won't harm you.  I don't ever need their services as I have my own shop people but they have helped me before to get to the shopping centre and never had a problem.

Here at Last!!

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