Mao, Junk and Antique Secrets

Antiques Street or Cat Street on Upper Lancaster road, Sheung Wan, got its name from thieves who stole antiques called "rats", the "cats" being the shop owners is where you will find all sorts of antique junk, curios, second hand goods and Mao memorabilia. 

Getting there:
Taxi: Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Road, Sheung Wan, HongKong Island 

MTR: Central Station. Exit D2, Turn right onto Theatre Land and walk along Queen's Road central towards the The Centre. Take the Central Mid level escalator to Hollywood Road.

You bargain here too.  The dudes don't really care, but have a good go!
Cat Street, Upper Lancaster Road
Clustered in a small area we found large expensive shops down to many, small, crowded garage sale type shops. 

Lots of weird and wonderful trinkets and lots of junk too. Maybe find a vintage game or an old Hong Kong post card.  Or just take fabulous pictures.  A very cute area. 

A lot of older dudes ran the shops, some interested in doing business with us, some couldn't care.  

One guy, with one of the biggest collections of Mao figurines in the street, spent about 20 minutes with us explaining the history of the Mao propaganda figurines.  What a morbid but interesting talk. Especially the murderess teacher, considering we three are teachers, it was very educational!

While they were produced in their 1000's back in the 1960's, I doubt very much that these were the real deal, even though the dudes said they were.
However, very interesting in a morbid kind of way!  I ended up buying two, but not from the talking guy as they were just too expensive for concrete, possibly fake statues. A wandered down and found the same thing for a lot cheaper at Shop 32 Upper Lancaster Road.  
32 Upper Lancaster Road recommended dude!
He even accepted credit card.  I paid about $25 each for these. Be warned though.  They are very heavy. (1.5kg each!) . But so worth it. Not that my friends thought so as I whinged all the way back to our apartment!



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