Shop Where the Locals Shop

A local market very close to the Ladies Markets and the Goldfish Markets. You can buy all sorts in knick knacks, phone cases, underwear, bags, towels, linen.  Fabulous clothing shops are situated either side of the central markets.  These are mainly fixed priced markets.  You will not see a lot, if any copy items however there are a few shops selling copy Zara clothing.  The prices in all shops are very reasonable. You can also purchase great snack foods, fruit etc.

Getting there

You can walk from here to the Ladies Markets or Goldfish Markets or Sneaker Street.

Taxi: Fa Yuen Street, Monkok

MTR: Monkok Station. Exit B3. Go up steep escalators to the walkover bridge.  Exit to Fa Yuen Street markets on the left.  You can see them on the left when you look down from the walkover bridge.

View from the walkover.

The first lot of markets are wet markets with fish and food.  

Cross over the road to the outdoor markets.

Open from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm. I did not see one tourist when I went here.   Most stalls have fixed prices which is easy. Hardly need to bargain here as the prices are very low. The stalls are set up on the road. 

Down each side on the footpath are row and rows of clothing and shoes shops. They are groovy and cheap. 

The clothing shops have a wide variety of clothes for all ages. If you keep walking down Fa Yuen Street you will reach the sports shoes section of the street.

What to buy

The markets had very few copy items here.  Lots of underwear, great bras, shirts, bags, umbrellas, toys, watches, non branded clothes, cashmere/pashmina shawls, shoes, food, camera cases, shoelaces.   


Real Cashmere-pashminas 30HK ($3)
Beautiful lacy bras (the lady even measured me)  25-40HK ($3-$5)
Cath Kidston bags and wallets 40-50HK ($5-$6) (Ladies markets 60-80HK)
Camera bags-Golla brand 25HK ($3)
Cute fold bags 15HK ($2)
Nice Men's work bags 60-70HK ($9-$10) 
Men's surf bracelets 30HK ($3)
Calvin Klein underwear (great fit) 3 for 15HK ($2)

Side Clothing Shops

Zara copy clothes ($15 and up)
Stunning jackets 70-150HK

Most other clothes 70-100HK
Colette/Lovisa like accessories 20-50HK

Shoes (latest designs) 70-150HK (10-$20)



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