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Many of you may know of Kyle the famous handbag man in Luohu.  He and his cousin Ice ran a fabulous, honest, down to earth shop.  Due to increasing rent Kyle has decided to close his shop for good.
Instead, Kyle is now a personal guide, which I think is better.  He knows this centre inside and out.  His friends who own shops are just like him; kind, fairly honest and very patient with your requests.Last year I had the privilege to use Kyle as my personal shopper for the first time.  He was awesome.  We met on the second floor outside his friends massage shop.  While we were in a quiet corridor, it still worked fine.  He had his runners to get bags for us to look at.  His still has his library of books on hand.  The security walking past were a bit of an issue but he was able to whisk away the items quickly and without fuss.  The best thing about Kyle is his patience and honesty.  

He puts a reasonable margin on his bags to make an income and thats it.  All quality is how he says.  If you want AAA, then this is what you will get.  If he think the quality is not good, he will tell you.  I

n addition, this gentle, kind and honest person will take you to individual shop with the highest quality and exceptional prices. With his low overheads he can offer you true prices of any products available. Your shopping experience will be streamlined. None of this wandering aimlessly searching for products, waiting for second rate items or quality or bargaining and haggling, this is all done for you.  

While Kyle does let you do the price negotiating in the shops, he will tell you a fair price to offer as a guide. If you would like to book your personal shopping experience here you will need to download Whatsapp on the App store.  Sign in and put his contact into your Whatsapp contacts list.  This app works with wifi as well.

Kyle's Whatsapp:  +86 134 3061 8951

Please text him before you leave to book your shopping date with him. Once in Hong Kong or China confirm your arrival.  Make sure you read all my info on an awesome day in Luohu too. Also, after much encouragement Kyle now has an instagram account.  You can look at gorgeous bags here. 

 Kyle is also back online:

Kyle's brand new shiny updated website allows you to read about his tours, look at his reviews and choose items and then have them sent to your country!   Kyle has been doing this already for me and many of my Australian friends for over 5 years.  He will ask you to pay with Western Union online which is very safe. I use Western Union for my business and to buy
things from Kyle. He delivers as soon as he receives payment with EMS. (China
Express Post) The items usually arrive in 4-5 business days with a tracking
number.  His products are always perfect, wrapped carefully and absolutely
stunning to unwrap. Also Kyle will deliver your bags and special purchases
while you are in Hong Kong too.

Ivy is not exactly a personal guide as she has a physical shop.  
Ivy's wechat number direct is +86 13430606298.  Mention my name.  Her quality is just divine.  Bought all leather Dior bag for $100.  Gucci and Chloe AAA+ can be up to $200 though.             

Also, once you have made your purchases from her, she is very happy to source the rest of your items.  She sourced designer backpacks, converse shoes, Gucci sweat tops and even took us to her sister Eva for some electronic goods.  Ivy's items are a bit more expensive than Kyle but she has a shop to pay for too.  She is kind, quietly spoken and courteous.  Ivy also sends items to Australia for me.
Shop 3311
I haven't used Jacky, but have heard about him. His mobile is +81 13510691698. Many frequent business travellers call him when the gets to Shenzhen and he meets and gets whatever they want. VERY reliable.




  1. Hey, loving your work! Heading to HK/Shenzhen in a couple weeks and will be looking up Kyle. Really, really great info. I've been a couple of years ago and can verify/relate to everything you're saying about Lo Wu. Great to get bang up to date info though!! M Goi!

  2. Hey can you let me know if you think Kyle would send bags of verse as? Is he trustworthy enough to send money to and have him post the bag?

    1. Hi there.. Sorry I didnt see this notification sooner. Kyle has sent bags to me and my friends for around 10 years. He is very very trustworthy. IMake sure you contact him with Whatsapp though. He will tell you prices and postage through there. thanks Kathie


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