Lo Wu, Here We Come - PART 4 - Shop Recommendations

Shop Recommendations - Part 4

This post is currently being updated!  Its a mess! Apologies!
When you know you're in China!

Shopping Tips 

  • Number 1 most importantly is to enjoy your day.  You have just spent 2 hours getting to Luohu just to shop.  So have fun!
  • You will be called out to and asked questions all day.  Just remember the people working here are competing against hundreds of other shops for a purchase.  Have fun with the people here.  Usually if you have a smile on your face and laugh the sales people will really enjoy it.  They work very long hours for little money.  
  • If you are getting glasses prescription filled or going to a tailor I suggest you do this first as it takes time and they can start getting your orders ready. Just don't forget to go back and pick up your orders.
  • Have your game face on!  Be confident (even though you're shaking in your shoes) and pretend you have been here many times.  
  • Have in your head how much you are willing to pay.  Remember this stuff is not real. 
  • Do not ever pay what the real item would be especially for running shoes and small items. They are not real and remind the shop owners that too.  
  • Do not have an emotional attachment to anything otherwise you will pay the earth!  There are many shops with the same item so if you bargain too low and the people say no, go to another shop and bargain slightly higher or suck it up and go back.  Just don't be desperate for any item!  
  • If you have children with you, don't let them get involved.  The shop owners will take advantage of you and then you will start arguing with your kids AND the shop owners!! This is from personal experience, believe me!!! 
  • I cannot give you a percentage to go down.  It depends on the shop owner.  Some will charge the earth and some will be very close to cost.  The shop owners I go to, I don't need to bargain much.  I know the prices and they are making a usual profit to run their business.  
  • You can use a credit card safely (in my opinion)  If I an at a shop I am familiar with and have a large purchase I will use my credit card.  There is a 4% surcharge which is fair.  This is up to you though.

Shop Numbers and Prices 

These are the shops that we have bought items from.  However, I know this list is endless and will be constantly updated.  They are sorted from Ground floor 1 up to 5th floor. 
*note 2013 updates!
*note: 2012 updates
Ground/1st Floor (as you walk in)
1058B9 2012 wallets, watches and little stuff. A front counter type shop. LCD watch 40 yuan ($6), Cath Kidston inspired Tri fold oil cloth wallet 120 yuan ($18). 
2013/2012 Walk through to shops behind and there is an underwear lady directly behind her.  Same shop number but different lady and different counter. Great quality Calvin Klein inspired undies, sock etc.  Piles and piles of stock.  She brings them out in droves.  We paid 300yuan for 13 pieces (socks undies, women's men's) The women's undies fit me easily (Size 10 Australian) I think I got Large.  Teen girls got medium/small. 
Ground Floor 2012 Another great Vans inspired shop near by.  Had a large variety.  Paid 120/150 yuan. ($15-$20) 
Fairwood Restaurant (see information above)

2nd Floor
2013 Jewellery section (yay! I found it)
209 Xin Qi Li Shoes Shop -  2013 recommended by Kyle.  Very good quality running shoes. Ugg boots and designer shoes.  They had books to look through which was new for us.  Kyle gave us suggestions for prices and how to approach the owners but he left us on our own to negotiate.  They were ruthless and unless I didnt have a guide we would have paid more.  As it is I couldn't get them down as low as I would have liked.  We paid about $15-$25 for Vans through to NB and Nike and then I gave up on the Ugg boots so left and then got them for $30.  They wanted $55.  
2087 Anna Optical.  3 other Anna shops. 2012 recommended by Kyle.  This is not reflection on Kyle.  She was OK and we paid the same price as Peter's optical. The only issue is I didn't like her range or quality.  The glasses are great but the frames are a little boring.  I bought no sunglasses from her as her range was very very limited.  
As we left a good and bad thing happened.  Firstly, she threatened us to only ever go to her shop and that if we went to Peter's optical she would know and find us (what the??. We still went of course!) and secondly there is a great UGG boot shop next door.  (I don't think we went to the shop on the second floor, as I can't remember, but one of the Anna shops has an Ugg boot shop and we got real suede leather Ugg boots for 240 yuan ($30).  I didn't really want them (which is always a good thing when bargaining, so I said I couldn't be bothered to him as he wanted $100 Australian and then he said just tell me what you want to pay Australian, I said $30 (240 yuan) and he said ok! How many you want, I said 2 and that was that! 2012
3rd Floor
Jewellery Bazaar- an area full of pearls, jewellery makers I have never found this area!!! Must be too tired to look? 2012
Shop 3239 Peter's Optical (main shop) or 3140 (just near the escalators). 2013 2012  He also has a bigger shop around the corner He sells a large range of designer inspired sunglasses and glasses frames. He will even have your own glasses tested and then put prescription glass lenses in for you in about 20 minutes.  He is very, very helpful but I think he drives a very hard bargain. We paid about 170 yuan ($25) for designer optical frames and sunglasses.  The optical frames are beautiful quality and come with cases.  We paid 380 yuan ($56) for gorgeous Prada inspired optical frames including prescription lenses inserted and other broken glasses fixed free in 20 minutes. Designer inspired sunglasses similar in design to Vivienne Westwood, Prada, Gucci, Dior, Oakley, Porsche (Hmmm?) Fendi, Chanel etc.  They brought out much better quality ones underneath the counter.  We paid about 170 yuan ($25) for these but I do think we could have got him down to 150 yuan, but who cares. Finally, as we were leaving, and I don't know why he did this, but he came rushing back from his other shop and whispered to us that he had the 'real deal'  Now I am little skeptical here, but its all a game, isn't it?  He pulled out some Dior's and Ray Bans.  They were 'unbelievable'!   We had also bought some Ray ban inspired sunglasses at another shop and holding and feeling these we could tell the quality was amazing.  The logos were perfectly positioned, laser engraving on the glasses lenses, tags attached, cases, cleaning cloth the whole thing.  So we ended up paying 170 yuan ($25) for the real Ray Ban's ?? as he had heaps of them, but I paid a princely sum of 300 yuan $40 for my real Dior's ?? and haven't regretted one cent.  They are simply beautiful, heavy with lovely diamante sides. It was funny, however, that as we were leaving the prices dropped for better quality!!!  
2012- Peter's optical.  The experience was very different but still great..  Firstly, we went to his big shop, it is better.  Secondly, the prices have gone up.  The quality is still great and the only reason I got the same price was becasue I pulled out the prices from 2010 with their writing on it.  Peter (or the owner) was not there.  They were still really really nice and very helpful.  I would go back again. 
2013 Peter's Optical.  Still a great experience.  Items very high quality. One of the girls is extremely helpful with perfect English.  Prices are the same but a much better range. Got the most stunning current Tiffany optical glasses with lenses.  $60

Peter's Optical
Peter's Optical
Shop 3154 - Lin- watches, bags, Tiffany inspired jewellery, good quality DVD's
Shop 3226A Ming Hong 2013 - Real designer clothing with tags ripped out. Dolce and Gabbana $10 linen top absolutely stunning.
Shop 3255 Ming Hui Xie Hang - 2013 Fixed price shoes.  Great western designs ranging from $5-$20. 
4th Floor 
Shop 4064A - Jewellery and cuff links- great quality
2013 Owen Jeans - Still the best fitting jeans.  Great prices.  Have gone up to 120yuan which I am happy with. Very nice polite people.
2017 Shop 4283 Kyle and cousin (the girl)  
Website:  http://shenzhenkyle.com
Email: lovejewelrybag@hotmail.com.  
Instagram: @shenzhenkyle
Whatsapp: +86 1340618951
He is still awesome and still in business.

Me and my little handbag friend (Kyle)!
2012 Kyle is highly recommended on Trip Adviser and expat websites.  
2012: Kyle is sending me some items to Australia, I will update this when it happens. He has a paypal account.  
Update:  Kylie sent me 2 deliveries of handbags and jewellery.  The prices were the same as what I paid at his shop.  The postage was about $30 for 2 handbags and jewellery.  It took 5 days, I paid through paypal and all went very smoothly.  I may even do this from one than having to spend so many hours at his shop. 
2013 Purchases from Kyle......AAA to AA quality.......All great
2013 the row behind Kyle's shop are real designer brand clothing with the tags ripped out.  They vary in prices but have clearance racks out the front with clothes for about $10-$20.  I bought real Chloe, Anna Sui, Celine and Dolce and Gabbana clothes.  They are absolutely stunning.  I didn't get the shop numbers but just stroll along and look through them.
Shop 4388 Chen Bao Mei  - Dianne von Hersenberg, Chloe, Anna Sui, Celine  real designer dresses with tags ripped out. (Maybe samples?)  Priced from $10 and up.  Some normal dress shops intermingled. A number of sizes as well.  Loved this shop!!

Anna Sui
Tag ripped out
5th Floor
Complimentary chicken Feet!
Shop 5086 Adah - Tailor -  Maria's little gem. Fixed price. She is next to the escalators and easy to find with a huge sign.  Adah is delightful and now has her sister-in-law working with her.  They both speak excellent English and are very honest and reliable.  Adah is excellent with "same same" So take your favourites from home and have them copied exactly.  If you ask her to make something from a picture, you are risking disappointment.  Once you have shown her your clothes, her sister-in-law will take you to the fabric market to pick out the fabric.  I only bought from the first 2 ladies and they were brilliant.  What ever I asked for, they pulled out.  They seemed to know exactly what I was looking for.  I even asked for vintage designs which they had.  I paid about 50 yuan ($7) for 2 metres of most fabric.  They will then measure your outfit and cut the fabric.  You then go back to Adah where she will offer you 2 options; either deliver to your hotel in 2/3 days or send back to Australia.  We opted for Australia as we had run out of time.  She will add postage to your package.  Adah took my clothes and then took a pattern from them, it took about 4 hours for her to finish the pattern.  When we went back in 4 hours (yes, we were still there!!) she had all my original items ready to give back to me. Prices were 80 yuan ($10) for shorts, 180 yuan ($26) for stunning 1950's type dresses. 100 yuan ($14) for mens paid long shorts.  Watch the crutch as one pair was a little long. Men's suit pants 250 yuan ($36) You can also get uniforms made there.
Other items  

Leaving with 2 roller bags full


Shop 1058A1 2012 Very good quality London bags.  5 wallets/toiletry bags-total price 380 yuan. ($56) She started 900RMB so watch out! Also, these bags were not available at all in any markets in Hong Kong in 2012. 

1072 2012 Shoes/ electronics - Great men's/ teens brand inspired sports shoes (similar to Asics, Diesel) for about 100 yuan ($20) The guy has money pinned around the counter from all over the world. Vans were 110 yuan but I fought very hard for this price and she got very cranky with me and told me that  in Australia we pay $90.  I told her 'but these are fake and not real and are only cheap shoes with a sticker on them' and she laughed embarrassingly, called me mean and would only take the money from my daughter. (haha!) I still got them.  BEATS headphones, blue tooth 410 yuan  ($60) (brilliant quality and still work.  BEATS buds (not great quality and broke, but could have been the teen being rough?) 100 yuan ($15).  

2013 Opposite the Underwear lady is a Abocrombie and Fitch lady.  Bought a very heavy grey hoodie for 250yuan.  She started at 400 yuan. Next to the underwear lady was a man selling electronics and phone cases.  Bought Dr Dre headphones for 150 yuan which we think is cheap as have paid a lot more at other shops.  They work well.  Also got a very cheap very good quality Cath Kidston phone case for 

Jewellery section 2D-23 Amy 2013 recommended by Kyle. Small shop full of current designer jewellery.  Good prices and good quality.  Amy is very nice.  Seemed to give us very good prices or the same as last year. Tiffany inspired earrings 50 yuan, necklaces 70 yuan. LV bracelet 70 yuan. Chen Lu Lu wrap bracelets 70 yuan.  large O rings (possibly really 925 silver) 100 yuan.  chajh_2006@126.com
Jewellery section 2G-17 Susie- Sunglasses similar to Fendi 70 yuan ($10)  Then opposite Susie and down a little is a decent Tiffany inspired shop.  Directly opposite the Tiffany inspired shop is a AAA watch shop. Give the name and model number for quicker service.  200 yuan($30) for decent AAA quality men's and around 70 yuan for women's. 

Shop 3060B - 2013 Cath Kidston bags. Easy to bargain with $5-$10 

Shop 3186 - Jenny - Great variety of jeans and T shirts. (Owen is better!)
Shop 3192- Bags. Mel's discovery. AAA amazing quality. Tell them you want to go to the shipping container as there is a better range. All safe.  The lady would rather take your blood than bargain and she is exhausting.  Don't pay any more than 780 yuan ($120) for a handbag. If you have a picture it is so much easier and quicker.  The newer your picture the more likely they will have it. Always check the zips and leather inside and out carefully and slowly. 

Shop 3368 Angie - Optical shop 

Shop 4083- Joe - Ipod speakers that work!

Shop 4089 - I haven't been here but it is recommended for AAA quality handbags for about 600 yuan ($80).

Shop 4138 I.T. Jeans/Owen  Great jeans and closest to Western sizes.  Very friendly and helpful people.  I only paid 110 yuan for each pair of jeans/shorts. I got the same size as I would in Australia and the girl knew her sizing perfectly.  Each jeans (like the originals fit different age groups) 7 for all mankind were the 'kindest' to my body shape.  True Religion were not so forgiving but the same applies to originals. I actually told them that I had paid 90 yuan at the jeans wholesalers in Guangzhou which was true, so they straight away dropped their prices to this.  They allowed us to try them on behind a sheet.  Very awkward, especially when you fall over!  We bought jeans similar to True religion jeans and shorts, Diesel inspired jeans, Abercrombie inspired shorts.  Great quality and fit.  They even had the tags and prices ready for sale somewhere in the world!


Kyle is now a valet shopping guide and delivers to Hong Kong and online

Contact Details:

Checkout my post update on the home page for more detailed info about Kyle.
We turned up with a shop already full of Australian women.  He was lovely, with delightful English.  Quietly spoken.  Ice is also gorgeous and spot on.  All his staff are also lovely.  I gave him pictures and off they went.  Some items they did not have but tried to sort it out with other options.  Their range was not absolutely endless but remember how many handbags are out there.  They can't stock everything.  I had a backup plan this time and made sure I took a selection.  I had also emailed him previously about some items.  He also sell designer inspired jewellry and watches.  I can only give you an approximate price as I was given a 650 yuan ($100) discount at the end.  He also sells different quality of the same product, so ask for cheap, good AAA for each and of course the price reflects this too.  Real leather, perfect design handbag 780 yuan, LV wallets zipper 230 yuan ($35), AAA mens watch 375 yuan ($58), MJ clutch, real leather 200 yuan ($30), non leather MJ laptop and cross over 160 yuan ($25) each, T and Co. cuff 120 yuan ($20), earrings all sorts 100 yuan ($15), Mulberry real leather men's bag 380 yuan ($60), These prices are close to approximate as he gave me a discount at the end.  We paid in Yuan and HK as we bought a lot but didn't want to use our visa cards. 

Shop 4302 Nancy - We were sent here from Owen jeans and this is the sister.  She was delightful, with a cute little shop and lots of chairs!!  She had a library of books where we showed her our pictures, then she showed us her pictures, radioed through to somewhere and miraculously these items appeared in minutes.  I must have looked at 12 handbags in 1 hour.  I specifically asked for different qualities as I had already bought AAA quality in Guangzhou. I bought the most amazing denim backpack, only AA quality compared to Guangzhou, for 400 yuan ($60)  The quality was brilliant for the price.  I had asked her for this quality as well. She had the same one in AAA quality for 700 yuan ($100) Also bought fabric inspired designer bags for 240 yuan ($30).  The originals are fabric as well.  Great quality.  She also had beautiful jewellery similar to Tiffany ( I'll let you know in a year!) She had all the pictures to choose from (too easy)  Cuff links 60 yuan ($8) Key ring 90 yuan ($12), key 150 yuan ($22) small open heart 70 yuan ($10), Larger Flower cuff bracelet 120 yuan ($17), bead necklace 150 yuan ($22)

I really liked the fact that it was all in one shop, one transaction as well.  I was sort of happy with her prices but she didn't bargain much as she said she was giving me special prices being the sister??  As I had paid these prices about 2 years ago I was happy, but if I had walked away, who knows? I paid with credit card here at the tea man.

Shop 4332 Jenny Michael- We went to both of these accidentally. 2012 same prices  and same great quality but Owen is better!

Laurel Restaurant Very expensive and had to book and also wait.  Great service, very welcoming. We paid about $50 Australian for 5 small dishes. 

Our clothes arrived in Australia approximately 3 weeks later via EMS postal service.

Shop 5138 - June - (Adah's friend) Great DVD's. Bought whole ten years of Friends for 180 yuan ($26) She also sells Tiffany type jewellery and watches.  Don't go to her rooms out of the building as it is too far and she works with another shop and it is too messy to work out. 

Pay about 70 yuan ($12) for everyday shoes.  Iphone cases are about 12-35 yuan ($2 to $5)  Ipad accessories are cheap.  Ipad/iphone keyboards and anything you plug into them check they work on your iphone as I checked a couple and they all didn't work at all and the girl just shrugged her shoulders. The ones in Hong Kong did work. Clothes on the 4th floor had real brand with the tags cut out of them.  They are very small sizes.

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