Off We Go to the Big Lo Wu

Hong Kong MTR

The easiest way to get to Lo Wu is by Hong Kong MTR. Using your octopus card, load enough money for your return fare. 
Example return fare
Make sure you have enough money so you don't  have any issues returning late at night.

Directions from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station

Once you reach TSIM SHA TSUI station on Kowloon, follow the directions underground to EAST TSIM SHA TSUI station, walking along an underground corridor. It is a long walk.

When you reach EAST TSIM SHA TSUI station get on the MTR train going to HUNG HOMYou are on the WEST Rail Line. 
West Rail Line to Hung Hom 
When you arrive at Hung Hom, get off and walk directly across the same platform (opposite side, as in 2 metres!) and get on the next train going to LO WU.  Note the spelling.  It will change to LUOHU once on the train.  It's the same place. 

You are now on the EAST rail line to Luohu. 

East Rail line
The trip should take around 50 minutes with many stops along the way.  

Hopefully you will be able to nab a seat for your trip to Luohu.  

Get off when you arrive at LUOHU station and start walking.

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