Top Tips of Surviving Lo Wu

sorry babe!

  • OMG!!! Don't forget your PASSPORT and original white arrival slip into Hong Kong
  • Your old passport if you are taking a brand new passport (YES! this is a new requirement if you have a brand new shiny passport!)
  • 168 yuan or credit/ visa debit card
  • Octopus card
  • Yuan Cash
  • Hong Kong Cash (you can use this money here as well
  • Your phone with China sim card.  Hong Kong sim won't work
  • Small roller suitcase to carry all your items.  There is a lot of walking!
  • Water (though you can buy there)
  • Small amount of toilet paper
  • Your list of shops
  • Any photos of what you want. It is so much easier and if your phone doesn't work it is hard to describe.  I also found that they seem to stock the very current and only very popular models of items.  Therefore if you find the handbag of your dreams on some shonky internet site and it happens to be from the 2008 winter collection, you will have a lot of trouble finding it unless it is a classic model.  So be prepared to be flexible.
  • Your prescription glasses or optometrist prescription written down for glasses

Yes, we are leaving...ok!

Read my next post Hong Kong MTR to Luohu - Part 2  for detailed instruction using the MTR from Hong Kong to Lo Wu.




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