Shopping in the Monkok Area

Getting There:
Taxi: Tung Choi Street, Fa Yuen Street,
MTR: Monkok-exit Tung Choi Street
Walk: from the Ladies Markets 

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Many locals and tourists come to this area due to a mass of markets and shops.  Night time is so, so crowded but if you are happy to take your time it is so much fun. Streets are dedicated to different products.  For example Fa Yuen Street (south end, towards harbour) is the 'sporting goods' street.  You can walk here from the Fa Yuen Street Markets.  Sai Yeung Street South is known as the "Electronics Goods" Street.  And then Fa Yuen Street, North end has the small Ladies Fashions shops beside the markets.

Shops and Prices

Sporting Goods (Sneaker Street)- Fa Yuen Street-South End

This street runs parallel to the Ladies Markets.  It is full of real sport shoes including Nike, Puma, Converse and Dr Martens. Doc Martens were approximately $100. Converse were the best buy for Australians at 249HK ($34).  They had all current styles including the monochrome black hi-tops that are popular at the moment.  They are $90 in Australia.  Slim converse were also 249HK ($34).  Nike weren't a lot cheaper so make sure you know your prices and model numbers so you can compare. They had lots of sales.

Women's Clothes-Fa Yuen Street North-End

Also mentioned in the markets section.  The way to tackle all these shops is to go up one side, cross the markets at the end, down the other side and then up the middle of the markets. These shops run either side of the Fu Yuen Street markets which run down the centre on the road.  

Great no name styles. Some shops dedicated only to black and grey clothes.  Mainly teenage styles but also some great work wear.  You are not allowed to try anything on, as all clothes are samples.  Once you have chosen, the shop assistants who follow you around the shop get your size or style from out back in plastic bags ready to go. 

They all take credit card. Most clothes were from 70HK to 200HK ($10-$20).  Beautiful jackets, shirts, and tops.  I was too scared to buy any pants but the teens can fit into them.  Also Diva like shop with great costume jewellery, hair accessories, bag tags etc.  Very cheap.  Many shoe shops here as well.  You can try these on.  

Current styles, but no real leather. (I saw many of the styles in Novo in Australia- so you get an idea of quality).  Most prices were 70100HK ($10-$15) Novo is around 350HK ($50) for the same styles and quality.

Clothing shops are under yellow awnings

Electronic Good Street- Sai Yeung Choi Street South

This street also runs parallel to the Ladies Markets but on the other side. Full of locals buying all sorts of electronics.  Fortress is the main electronics branch.  We only priced Apple products and they were about 20% dearer than Australia so we did not buy anything.  However, I am sure cameras etc would be cheaper.  Fortress comes with proper worldwide warranties etc.

Golden plaza formal wear
745 Nathan road Mongok
Prince Edward station exit c1

We went here on a recommendation to buy a formal dress.  Waste of time.  99% of the shops only rent out dresses and wanted nothing to do with us.  The only shop that wanted to serve us was very very expensive.  



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