Ladies Markets

Ladies Markets

Getting there

Taxi: Tung Choi Street, Monkok
MTR: Monkok station, Exit D3

Four blocks of small stalls with a huge selection for everyone!  If you are going to Shen Zhen to shop then come here after you have been (if possible) as the prices here are dearer and the quality isn't as good but still great!  Fantastic for presents and last minute items and anything you forgot in LoWu/ShenZhen. Open from 12pm onwards.  In full swing by nightfall.  Weekends particularly busy as the cross roads are full of electronic shops and sports shoes.  Mainly tourists go to the Ladies Markets.

What to buy
Handbags, watches, T-shirts, wallets, shoes, jeans, underwear, sunglasses, jewellery.  Items similar to Ed Hardy, Tiffany, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Tag, Diesel, Converse, True religion, Cath Kidston.... and the list goes on. You can also find pashminas, DVD's, soccer outfits, tourist T shirts,  iphone/ipad accessories, gadgets, dolls, clocks, belts, socks, toys and branded lycra bike gear.


Aim to pay what you are willing to pay in Australian dollars. Also go very low.  Recently we were bargaining down about 60% to 70% and then maybe going up another 5% depending on the stall holder and how much they are trying to rip you off.  If they don't accept your price that you are happy with, walk away!  They will call you back and if they don't you may have gone too low.  Don't worry, there will be more shops with the same things, or just go back.  Remember... you can always go up, but not down again. I often tell them the price I paid in Shen Zhen, as they will use this as a bargaining tool. Or tell them you are going to Shen Zhen tomorrow.

Prices paid in 2010

  • T shirts similar to Ed Hardy 80hk ($10) (I actually found it easier at the Ladies Markets than Shen Zhen/Lo Wu as they were hanging up and easier to see.
  • Leather belts similar in design to Ed Hardy, Diesel, D&G belts starting at 180HK ($23) but bought for 80HK ($10) each.  They adjusted them for me as well.
  • Tiffany styled key with chain 50 HK. ($6) (I think only silver plated. Not as good quality as Shen Zhen/LoWu)
  • Bushnell type binoculars started at 200HK ($25) but bought for 80HK ($10)
  • Marc Jacobs inspired real leather pink fold over bag started at 200HK ($25) but bought for 130HK ($16)
  • Bags similar to Cath Kidston from 50HK-150HK ($6-$18) depending on size and stall.
  • Marc Jacobs inspired toiletry bag 50HK ($6)
  • Chinese wooden dolls 25HK ($3)
  • Pasminas 20-30HK depending on amount bought ($2-$3)
  • Underwear similar to diesel 15HK each ($2)
  • DVD 15HK each ($2)
  • Soccer sets with famous footballers names on backs 75HK (check sizes carefully) ($10)
  • Low quality handbags approximately 150HK ($20) 
  • Shoes from 75HK to 100HK ($10-$15)
  • Cartoon bags similar to Le Sportsac from 40HK-60HK ($5-$6)
  • Canvas shoes similar to converse about 100HK ($13)
  • Jeans similar to True Religion, Roc and Republic, Diesel about 200HK ($25) (small sizing but good quality) Much cheaper in Shen Zhen/LoWu. 

Please note that all these prices were bargained down by different people so these prices aren't set in gold, they are just what we were happy to spend.  



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