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The Lovely Kyle in Luo Wu

Luo Wu Shopping Update November 2016 Hey guys.  So this is a huge update!! KYLE'S SHOP HAS NOW SHUT!!  But all is good as Kyle is now.....

This is the MOST exciting news.  

So that he can get you the very best REAL prices he has decided to shut up shop and meet you at LUO WU shopping mall in person where he will guide you in a personal shopping experience.  This gentle, kind and honest person will take you  to the shops with the highest quality and exceptional prices. With his low overheads he can offer you true prices of any products available.  Your shopping experience will be streamlined. None of this wandering aimlessly searching for products, waiting for second rate items or quality or bargaining and haggling, this is all done for you.  WOW!  this is the most amazing update ever!  

If you would like to book your personal shopping experience here you will need to download Whatsapp on the App store.  Sign in and put his contact into your Wh…
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Shopping at Lo Wu (Luohu) Shenzhen

Firstly, 'Missy' is your new name and don't you forget it! Secondly, 'Same same but different.' is the motto of the day.
The complex consists of 5 floors with many small shops on each floor.  (Approximately 1500 in total)  Each shop has a number with the first digit representing the floor it is on.  For example shop 5089 is on the 5th floor. The shops cluster and spread out around escalators. 
The complex is relatively clean and very easy to get around.  It is recommended to spend 2 days here with a decent break in between. The toilets are all squat toilets and not great but I have seen worse!SEE BELOW FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS. 
Entering China and Visa Instructions
There are two options: 
2. Border visa. Opens at 9:00am $25 single entry. (Detailed instructions for obtaining a border visa below) 2012
Take passport with your arrival card into Hong Kong, any other ID and yuan cash.  168 yuan per person regardless of age.Catch MTR to Lo Wu as usual.  Get off train and g…