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Shopping in the Monkok Area

Getting There:
Taxi: Tung Choi Street, Fa Yuen Street, MTR: Monkok-exit Tung Choi Street Walk: from the Ladies Markets 

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Many locals and tourists come to this area due to a mass of markets and shops.  Night time is so, so crowded but if you are happy to take your time it is so much fun. Streets are dedicated to different products.  For example Fa Yuen Street (south end, towards harbour) is the 'sporting goods' street.  You can walk here from the Fa Yuen Street Markets.  Sai Yeung Street South is known as the "Electronics Goods" Street.  And then Fa Yuen Street, North end has the small Ladies Fashions shops beside the markets.
Shops and Prices Sporting Goods (Sneaker Street)- Fa Yuen Street-South End
This street runs parallel to the Ladies Markets.  It is full of real sport shoes including Nike, Puma, Converse and Dr Martens. Doc Martens were approximately $100. Converse were the best buy for Australians at 249HK ($34).  They had all current style…