Hong Kong Island Old World Walk

We took a fabulous walk through Hong Kong Island's old district.   Travelling up the escalators, old steps, antique streets, medicinal herbs. Really really got a taste of the old Hong Kong with the bustling new Hong Kong moving around us.  We basically followed the self guided walk given by Discoverhonkong.com but skipped a few parts that didn't interest us. Also take a look at an awesome place we found for lunch with panoramic views for free.  so cool!

We started our fabulous tour taking the Star Ferry across exiting at the Western market and climbing up to Des Voeux Road West.  We started out self guided tour here.  Stroll past weird and wonderful mountains of dried seafood as well as black moss, dried snakeskin, dried sausage and expensive dried scallop. Take a look at how much some of the items are per kilo!!  Some of the shops are very flash ranging down to smaller more everyday shops.  Nothing for us to buy here but so interesting.  This trade is clustered around a section of Des Voeux Road West in Sheung Wan, commonly known as Dried Seafood Street.
The nearby streets of Wing Lok and Ko Shing specialise in ancient Chinese tonic foods where you can find  ginseng and bird’s nests to eat!!  
Next onto Cat Street to look at the antiques. Clustered in a small area we found large expensive shops down to small crowded garage sale type shops. Lots of weird and wonderful trinkets and lots of junk too. Maybe find a vintage game or an old Hong Kong post card.  Or just take fabulous pictures.  A very cute area.