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Shopping in Guangzhou

This section only provides info to shopping at the wholesale markets coming in from Kowloon by train.  This information is only in its infancy and I am sure there is a lot to be added but this is just what I have experienced.
Wholesale shopping in Guangzhou is not for the faint hearted! However, the selection and prices are incredible. I decided to hire a shopping guide which turned out to be wonderful.  I found her on Trip Advisor through the forums. The quality is so much better than Low Wu (Shen Zhen) and the prices are much much cheaper.  However, saying that, you may like to take into account the price for the hotel and train.   You need to plan and know exactly where you are going and staying.  English is not as widely spoken.  Guangzhou is a massive city and so it takes a long time to get anywhere in a taxi, especially from 5:00pm onwards.  
Visa- You cannot buy this visa at the border like Lo Wu (Shen Zhen).  This must be bought in Australia before hand or in Hong Kong.  It is n…