Jade Hawker Markets

Getting there 

Taxi: Jade Hawkers Markets, Kansu Street, Yau Ma Tei
MTR: Jordan station, exit Jade Markets walk along Nathan Road away from Tsim Sha Tsui down the left hand side. Walk past Wing On department store and McDonalds. Turn left into Kansu street.  It is on your right in a small, low boring looking building. There is a big red Chinese arch out the front and a small sign with 'Jade Hawkers Markets' on the building.

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The stalls start early, opening at 9:00am and close at about 6:00pm.  All stalls are open by 11:00am.  The first building with the red arch is the best if you like modern jewellery. The second building has more touristy, traditional Chinese items.

What to buy

There are pearls (real and shell based), stone necklaces in onyx, turquoise, bamboo coral, shell, stone, charms, silver, jade, porcelain.  Also bracelets, carved large groovy crosses, fake antiques, 1950's chinese posters, chinese new year statues and animals even flutes!  A wonderful place for gifts. 


Best time to arrive is about 11:00am onwards as all the stalls are open.  First building with the red arch contains a bigger selection.   Depending on the popularity and quality of the stall will depend on if you can bargain or not and by how much.  The old ladies tend to bargain more but have less selection.  You can bargain from 10% to 50% depending on the stall.  Just feel your way at each individual stall.  They are not as ruthless as the Ladies Markets and will negotiate at a more civilized pace.  If you walk away some will call you back and some will not.  Again, have in your head how much you want to pay in Australian dollars.

Recommended stalls and prices:

(of course there are many to choose from. These are ones we have experienced and are happy with)

Mandy Poon's Stall and Charles stall opposite
  • Stall 387- Mandy Poon: (I have been to her twice in 2 years) Pearls, cultured and shell based.  Will make anything you ask for in about 30 minutes.  I took a photo of a pearl necklace and she copied it perfectly. Large shell based pearl necklace cost 200HK.($25) Lovely real pearl earrings 70HK. ($9) Lovely water pearl bracelets 80HK. ($10) Very little negotiating but great quality and very honest.  
  • Sandra Stall 381/447: Sister and brother run the stall.  Handmade sterling silver and pearl necklaces, bracelets, lanyard necklaces with pearls, groovy necklaces with small sterling silver detail.  Some very similar to Noosa 'Signatures' shop.  Very modern and groovy.  No negotiating with the brother so maybe wait for the sister to come back if she isn't there. Silver and pearl bracelets about 80HK each. ($10)
  • Stall 355/315- Chau Fung Ping: Really interesting chunky necklaces with wonderful beads.  Very reasonable price.  Bought chunky beaded necklace with carved butterfly, red wood symbols and black beads 70Hk, ($9). Very large turquoise cross which she put onto a black string 40HK ($5). Negotiate at this stall.
  • Stall 338: Dear old lady and man.  First stall you come across as you walk in.  Very cheap and cute shell necklaces. 40HK. ($5) Great gifts. Negotiate here as well.
  • Susanna Stall 297/248: Nice silver and pearls but expensive.
  • Stall 308/300- Eva Ho: Interesting stone necklaces.
  • Stall 374/375: Green jade flute and cute items. 80HK ($10) for flute
  • Stall 406/407-Charles: Beautiful quality stone necklaces for reasonable prices. Long stone, crystal necklace 70HK. ($9) Bargain at this shop.  He is opposite Mandy Poon.