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Fa Yuen Street Markets

Getting there
You can walk from here to the Ladies Markets.
Taxi: Fa Yuen Street, Monkok

MTR: Monkok Station. Exit B3. Go up steep escalators to walkover bridge.  Exit to Fa Yuen Street markets.  You can see them on the left when you look down from the walkover bridge.

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The locals shop here.  Open from 10:30 am t0 10:30 pm. I did not see one tourist when I went here.   Some stalls have fixed prices which is easy. Hardly need to bargain here as the prices are very low. The stalls are set up on the road. Down each side on the footpath are row and rows of clothing and shoes shops. They are groovy, and cheap. The clothing shops had amazing clothes for all.  (See the 'Shopping in the Mongkok Area' for more info). If you keep walking down Fa Yuen Street you will reach the sports shoes section of the street.

What to buy
The markets had very few copy items here.  Lots of underwear, great bras, shirts, bags, umbrellas, toys, watches, non branded clothes, cashmer…

Markets and shopping areas I haven't visited yet!

Goldfish markets located on Tung Choi street at the Price Edward Station end. Argyle Centre- Monkok located at Mongkok MTR.  Great for Teen fashion.  A great link for future visits AllaboutHongkong.  Sham Shui Po marketstake MTR to Sham Shui Po. Exit A2 for Apliu Street,and also the Material district in Ya Chau Street is fun and interesting.  Belts, ribbons etc. Not so touristy and wonderful for photo opportunities. Take a cab there easy! -->Golden Computer Centre take MTR Sham Shui Po Exit D2 for Golden Computer ArcadeFlower Markets and Yuen Po Street Bird Garden take  MTR to Prince Edward. Take exit B1 and follow Prince Edward Road WestHorizon Plaza -Biggest outlet shopping complex in Hong Kong.  They stock Lane Crawford, Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu etc.  28 floors.  It is on Hong Kong Island and you will need to take a taxi from Central.  It is past the Stanley Markets.

Mens Markets (Temple Street)

Getting there Very close to the Jade Markets

Taxi: Temple Street
MTR: Jordan station Exit A. Turn left along Jordan Road to Temple Street which is 3rd street on right. Yau Ma Tei. Exit C. Turn left along Mang Ming Lane to Temple Street, 2nd on left. You will  see the stalls set up on the road.

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The Men's markets open from 4:00pm-12 midnight daily but the best time to go is from 6:00pm onwards. On one side are a few prostitutes, but are harmless and not dangerous, too many people. On the other side are shops selling things at fixed prices.  At the end of the markets are street food restaurants set up full of locals and tourist. What to buy A selection of copy handbags, watches, clothing.  Also an array of knick knacks, tourist items, toys, artwork, underwear, electronics.  Down the footpath either side are little shops with some of the same things but much cheaper and no bargaining needed.

HintsBargaining is essential here.  The same deal as the Ladies Markets.  …

Jade Hawker Markets

Getting there
Taxi: Jade Hawkers Markets, Kansu Street, Yau Ma Tei
MTR: Jordan station, exit Jade Markets walk along Nathan Road away from Tsim Sha Tsui down the left hand side. Walk past Wing On department store and McDonalds. Turn left into Kansu street.  It is on your right in a small, low boring looking building. There is a big red Chinese arch out the front and a small sign with 'Jade Hawkers Markets' on the building.

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The stalls start early, opening at 9:00am and close at about 6:00pm.  All stalls are open by 11:00am.  The first building with the red arch is the best if you like modern jewellery. The second building has more touristy, traditional Chinese items.

What to buy There are pearls (real and shell based), stone necklaces in onyx, turquoise, bamboo coral, shell, stone, charms, silver, jade, porcelain.  Also bracelets, carved large groovy crosses, fake antiques, 1950's chinese posters, chinese new year statues and animals even flutes!  A w…

Ladies Markets

Getting there Taxi: Tung Choi Street, Monkok MTR: Monkok station, Exit D3

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Four blocks of small stalls with a huge selection for everyone!  If you are going to Shen Zhen to shop then come here after you have been (if possible) as the prices here are dearer and the quality isn't as good but still great!  Fantastic for presents and last minute items and anything you forgot in LoWu/ShenZhen. Open from 12pm onwards.  In full swing by nightfall.  Weekends particularly busy as the cross roads are full of electronic shops and sports shoes.  Mainly tourists go to the Ladies Markets.
What to buy Handbags, watches, T-shirts, wallets, shoes, jeans, underwear, sunglasses, jewellery.  Items similar to Ed Hardy, Tiffany, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Tag, Diesel, Converse, True religion, Cath Kidston.... and the list goes on. You can also find pashminas, DVD's, soccer outfits, tourist T shirts,  iphone/ipad accessories, gadgets, dolls, clocks, belts, socks, toys and branded…